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Project Description

Website: http://lewbayer.com/

Location: Canada

Speaking Topic/Expertise: Civility, Integrity, Respect, Communications, Leadership, Ethics


Dr. Lew Bayer (MCCT, ESP, CICC, HON. DOCTORATE) is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and the world’s foremost expert on civility. Many years ago, she made a personal and professional commitment to choose civility every day. For the past 19 years, Lew Bayer has been CEO of multinational civility training group, Civility Experts Inc.

She suggests “in choosing civility, people find their best self, and in doing so, they experience the grace, courage, generosity, humanity and humility that civility engenders.”

A 14-time published author, two of her books, The 30% Solution: How Civility at Work Increases Retention, Engagement and Profitability and Golden Rule Civility: An Action Plan for Building a Global Culture of Honour, are international bestsellers.

Lew is one of only 14 master civility trainers in the world. She is a distance faculty member at Georgetown University Centre for Cultural Competence, a long-term facilitator at the Canadian Management Centre in Toronto, ON, an instructor on social justice at the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology, a master trainer for the Canadian School of Service, a certified High Style Impression Management Professional and a certified Culture Coach®.

Most recently, Lew has taken on a role as a Global Advocate and Director of Global Licensing for Champions of Humanity. Champions of Humanity is a global education initiative of Aegis Trust, a global organization working to prevent genocide and fostering peace around the world. She has also become a Master Certified Champion of Humanity Educator through the Peace School in Kigali, Rwanda.

To read more about Lew and her accomplishments or book her as a speaker, please visit lewbayer.com.