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Project Description

Business Name: Treasurer and co- founder of the National Civility Center

Location: Michigan

Speaking Topic/Expertise: Kent is the treasurer and Co-founder of the National Civility Center. The Center is funded through a variety of corporations and social entrepreneurial individuals. The Civility Center serves as a fresh voice in the growing field of: community building.” Kent is author of two books Bring a Dish to Pass and Community Weaving. The work continues to expand and be a catalyst for innovative action within communities across the country.

Kent spent 25 years as a teacher and coach in the public school system and began to lay the foundation for his work in community improvement. Currently Kent resides in Waterford Township Michigan and is working locally in assisting municipalities, regional government, educational institutions and the chamber of commerce within these areas. The demand for working together more efficiently and effectively is significant and the Civility Center serves an important role in guiding the discovery process for these communities.

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Bring a Dish to Pass on Amazon Community Weaving on Amazon

In response to high demand from community leaders and grassroots civility and change organizations all over the country, who are engaging in conversations about civility. Propriety Publishing, a niche publishing company with a focus on promoting and publishing books on civility and social competence-related topics, is pleased to announce the release of with must-read books, “COMMUNITY WEAVING”, and “BRING A DISH TO PASS.” These two books are of interest to a general audience, but as suggested by the author, those that are “in a position to draw people together” will find them of special

Author Kent Roberts was born and raised in Michigan and has a background in civics, coaching, and teaching. He says it was his desire to positively impact the lives of young people that led him to his career path. His message is important for young people today – and for all of us. Kent says, The divisiveness in our World and Communities today is real. We need to discover what it is we share in common so we can begin to build and find better solutions for individuals and society.’ 

When asked what he most hopes people get from his book, Kent responds: “As a teacher and coach my purpose is to improve the lives of all who are involved in the process of better! To that end, this work talks to people on what works. It is not just theory but practical application. If we are serious about positive impact why wouldn’t we do this? This work shares these proven practices.”