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Golden Rule Civility

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The mission of The Golden Rule Global Civility Initiative is to create a new world-wide culture, where human-kind abounds, where honoring and valuing others is the expectation, and the norm. In a culture of civility and honor people treatment is based on The Golden Rule. Golden Rule Civility® means choosing to treat others humanely and with care; accepting differences without judgment; being empathetic of the human condition; and acknowledging each individual’s unique gifts and equal value.

There are few challenges that cannot be resolved through deliberate and strategic communication. Through civility skill-building and the creation of opportunities for interaction and engagement, carefully selected and trained Golden Rule Civility Statesmen can effectively interrupt uncivil behavior and unproductive thinking patterns and create an environment for Golden Rule Dialogue.

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Authorized Golden Rule Civility Spokespeople


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Dr. Clyde Rivers


Golden Rule Civility Global Initiative

Dr. Lew Bayer


Golden Rule Civility Global Initiative